Floral + Event Design

Combining our love of dramatic flowers with our affinity for a great party. We'll think about how every element of your event ties together and best highlights how you want your guests to feel, and what they'll remember as the years pass.


Floral Design

This option sees a unique floral story developed in collaboration with our clients. The Serpent team takes great pride in sourcing unique floral elements, props, vases, and styling elements. Clients order decor, centrepieces, bouquets, and other floral elements that will be set up day-of by the Serpent staff.


Installs + Campaigns

Whether you're launching a new business, taking product shots for your website, or mounting a street-art campaign, our team can elevate your ideas with our uncanny eye – for floral and otherwise.


Specializing in props and naturals, we work with clients to make the familiar feel uncanny: our work strives to bring newness and delight.