the world goes on without/around you

hi, just reporting in because writing this blog was something I said I would do more of this year.

I went back and capitalized that "I" as a habit, but resisted updating the "hi," because I'm trying not to be a slave here. I'm a SLAAAAAVE. louis ck (who i recently heard is being a real creep, which really made me sad. but maybe it shouldn't. no heroes, just people. disappointing people).

Deadman's hand mushrooms

deadman's hand mushrooms - poisonous! and gross looking.

news from this week: sasha (my doggo) dug up our tiny little garden while ian and i were out one morning and it broke a dam inside me. i fury-cleaned, weeping and slamming the mop around while sasha and ian hid upstairs. i've felt off since then. the garden isn't destroyed (one rudbeckia is mangled, but it might still bloom. we'll see), but my frustration was piqued. who knows. the cold rolled in fast this september, and i am mixed up with loving the fall and being apprehensive about winter. this will be our second winter in squamish, and last year was tough. lonely. this is the time of year i need pottery to focus on: a project. i don't love the slower months. by the end of summer i am always exhausted, but i don't swing naturally towards relaxation. unless it's 20 minutes in a bathtub watching broad city.

i was just thinking about this as i went upstairs (i'm sick today: a leftover from this weekend's category 5 hangover [thanks denea, happy bachelorette!]): part of the reason flowers appeal to me so much is that they are so immediate. i like a deadline, working against the clock. and when your medium is gonna die within a few days of you laying hands on it. it feels more important than computer work. i struggle with focus. hence the deadline.

i need to take some more pictures so i can properly populate this blog.