dream shoot with a dream team

It's been snowing for a while now, and i love it. Snow means i stay home and work at my kitchen table: answering emails, writing drafts, placing orders. if any of you live in or near Vancouver, you know that staying home is the only option when it snows. they shut down three major streets today. Vancouver got like... 3 inches.

Flower work is slow for me this time of year. It casts my need to differentiate my business into stark relief: how can i bring money in when fewer people are getting married? How can i stay interested, engaged? These are good problems. I'm thinking about them a lot. Drinking a lot of coffee. Trying to read. I'm on The Argonauts right now and it's making me feel dumb–a feeling I hate but am trying to get more comfortable with.

I had the real pleasure of working on a project with Jennifer Latour, a photographer so talented and professional it kind of embarrassed me. She helped assemble a team so stylistically literate and radical. Below I've put together some of my favorite shots from the shoot. Working with talented people is so inspiring. And I am enormously grateful for the patience of that team as I nervously made suggestions and adjusted.





Photos by Jennifer Latour 
Hair, make-up, styling advice: Redia Soltis
Model: Karyna Schultz